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Following a general introduction into the basics of elementary logic, probability theory, calculus, and vector and affine spaces, participants of the Third Summer School on Mathematical Philosophy for Female Students in 2017 followed in serial three different topic streams for four days, from which they were free to choose one for further study on the fifth. The streams’ topics were:

  1. Modeling the Evolution of Behavior, by Cailin O'Connor, University of California, Irvine;
  2. Space, Time, and Geometry from Newton to Einstein, feat. Maxwell, by James Weatherall, University of California, Irvine; and
  3. From Epistemic Logic to Social Cognition, by Rineke Verbrugge, University of Groningen.

Sessions consisted of lectures and interactive tutorials, in which participants actively engaged with the materials by way of solving problem sets. Furthermore, they had the chance to participate in two sets of talks by Fellows of the MCMP, who gave overviews of their work. The idea behind a program of such a broad range of topics was to expose participants to the various possible topics and methods that the field of mathematical philosophy has to offer. Katherine Hawley, of the University of St Andrews, gave a wonderful public evening lecture: Philosophical Reflections on Imposter Syndrome. Additionally, Milena Ivanova ran a popular workshop on career issues, and the students presented their own work at a poster session and four selected talks. To check out the line-up of speakers and the program, please click on the links below.