MCMP Summer School Mathematical Philosophy for Female Students 2019

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Anna-Maria Asunta Eder is Assistant Professor (wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin) at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Cologne. Her research focuses on debates in epistemology, general philosophy of science, and metaphilosophy. In epistemology she works at the intersection of formal, social, and traditional epistemology. Her research encompasses epistemic disagreement, epistemic normativity, epistemic conflicts, theories of justification, of evidential support and of higher-order evidence, and the relationship between logic and reasoning. In the philosophy of science, her research centers on the aims of inquiry, and the relationship between confirmation and rationality. In metaphilosophy, she works on methods of conceptual clarification and conceptual engineering, and on the role of formal methods and idealizations in philosophy. For more information, see her website.

Djamila Ribeiro is a journalist and philosopher. She received her Masters in Political Philosophy from the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP), Brazil, and has given lectures at (among others) Harvard University, the University of Oxford, King’s College London, Goethe University Frankfurt, and the UN headquarters. She is currently a columnist for Marie Claire, and has previously written for Claudia Magazine and Carta Capital. Her books “O que é lugar de fala?” and “Quem tem medo do Feminismo Negro?” were second and third on the bestseller list of the Paraty International Literary Festival, and have also appeared on the bestseller lists for the São Paulo Book Biennial, Flipnote, and Veja Magazine. Her awards include the Citizen SP Award in Human Rights, the Trip Transformers Award, the Best Columnist in the Woman’s Press Trophy, and the Dandara dos Palmares award, and she was named as one of the 100 most influential people in the world under 40 on the UN list. She was the first Brazilian woman to have been invited to the Edinburgh Book Festival in 2018, and is the creator of the ''Selo Sueli Carneiro’’, which seeks to publish the works of black female thinkers.

Gillian Russell is professor of Philosophy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She received her PhD from Princeton in 2004 and held positions at the University of Alberta (Killam Memorial Postdoctoral Fellowship) and the Washington University in St Louis (Associate Professorship) before moving to Chapel Hill. Her research spans topics in philosophy of logic and philosophy of language, such as the epistemology of logic, the normativity of logic, logical pluralism, and the analytic/synthetic distinction. For more information, see her website.

Lena Zuchowski is a Lecturer in Philosophy of Science in the Philosophy Department at the University of Bristol. Her research interests include scientific modelling; the methodology of geomorphology and criminology; the foundations of randomness, chaos and complexity theory; philosophy of digital technology; and the ethics and political philosophy of Hannah Arendt. For more information, see her website.