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Summer School on Mathematical Philosophy for Female Students 2021

Now online!

Idea and Motivation

The Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP) is organising the seventh Summer School on Mathematical Philosophy for Female Students, which will be held summer 2021, from 19.07.-23.07.2021 in Munich, Germany. The summer school is open to excellent female students who want to specialise in mathematical philosophy.
The school’s aim is to encourage female students to engage with mathematical and scientific approaches to philosophical problems, and thereby help to redress the gender imbalance in formal philosophy: it offers the opportunity for study in an informal and interdisciplinary setting, for lively debate, and for the development of a network of students and professors interested in the application of formal methods to philosophy.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic (and the uncertainty around travel this summer), we have decided to run the summer school entirely online.

This year at the summer school, we will presumably have the following lecture streams:

  • "Suspension of Belief. Its Nature, Rationality and Logic", led by Alexandra Zinke (University of Tübingen)
  • "Emergence and Reduction in Science", led by Patricia Palacios (University of Salzburg/MCMP)

In addition there will be an evening lecture by Rae Langton, as well as talks by members of the MCMP.

The organising committee for this year’s summer school consists of Marianna Antonutti Marfori, Sena Bozdag, and Alice Murphy.

For information about how to apply for participation, please see the instructions at "Call for Application".

Master in Logic and Philosophy of Science

Many students from the summer school go on to study or research at the MCMP. In particular, attendees of the summer school may be interested in applying for our Master program in Logic and Philosophy of Science, details of which may be found on the MCMP website.