MCMP Summer School Mathematical Philosophy for Female Students

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The first Summer School on Mathematical Philosophy for Female Students in 2014 focused on three different topics:

  1. epistemic logic, introduced by Sonja Smets (University of Amsterdam);
  2. theories of individual and collective decision-making, introduced by Rachael Briggs (ANU);
  3. and agent-based modeling in philosophy, introduced by Conor Mayo-Wilson (University of Washington Seattle/MCMP).

The sessions consisted of lectures and tutorials, in which the materials were practiced by participants. Furthermore, we had various sessions in which PhD students and Postdoctoral Research Fellows from the MCMP and elsewhere gave an introduction to their work. As such, it gave participants an overview of possible topics and directions that are tackled in the field of mathematical philosophy. Finally, Helen Beebee (University of Manchester) gave an evening lecture on the problem of the gender gap in philosophy and concrete advice for how it may be closed. To check out the line-up of speakers, the program as well as the video abstracts and recorded lectures, use the links below.