MCMP Summer School Mathematical Philosophy for Female Students 2018

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The following texts are recommended as preparatory reading for the lecture courses: they are not compulsory, but attendees may find it helpful to read them in advance of the summer school.

The Ontology of Natural Language

  • F. Moltmann, ’Natural Language Ontology'. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Linguistics. Oxford UP, New York, March 2017, online.
  • F. Moltmann, 'Natural Language and its Ontology'. Forthcoming in A. Goldman and B. McLaughlin (eds): Metaphysics and Cognitive Science, Oxford UP.
  • F. Moltmann, 'Existence Predicates'. Invited contribution, M. Szatkowski (ed.): Quo Vadis Metaphysics, deGruyter, 2018.

Modality: Metaphysics, Logic, Semantics

  • M. Loux's Introduction to M. Loux (ed.): The Possible and the Actual: Readings in the Metaphysics of Modality, Cornell University Press, 1979.
  • T. Sider, 'Reductive Theories of Modality'. M. Loux and D. Zimmerman (eds): The Oxford Handbook of Metaphysics, Oxford UP, 2005.

Science and Metaphysics

Classic texts

  • Carnap, Rudolf: Empiricism, Semantics, and Ontology
  • Quine, W.V.O.: On what there is
  • Quine, W.V.O.: Two Dogmas of Empiricism

Contemporary readings

  • Ney, Alyssa: Neo-positivist metaphysics, Philosophical Studies, 2012.
  • Paul, L.A.: Metaphysics as modelling: the handmaiden’s tale, Philosophical Studies, 2012.
  • Hawley, Katherine: Science as a guide to metaphysics?, Synthese, 2006.
  • Ladyman, James: Science, metaphysics and method, Philosophical Studies, 2012.
  • Don Ross, James Ladyman, and David Spurrett: In defence of scientism, In James Ladyman (ed.), Every Thing Must Go: Metaphysics Naturalized. Oxford University Press (2007).